Enersol Solar Pool Heating System Kit

Enersol Solar Pool Heating System Kit

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For each Enersol Solar Pool Heating system you will need a System Installation kit.  This installation kit contains the parts required to install one bank of solar collectors, if you have multiple banks in the same installation you will require an additional system installation kit for each bank of collectors.

The Enersol System Installation Kit includes:

• 1 x Literature installation package
• 1 x Installation tool
• 2 x O-rings
• 2 x HEC (header end connector)
• 1 x Roof sealant
• 2 x Plugs 1.5in. (NPT) for the end cap
• 2 x Adapters 1.5in. (Slip x NPT) for the end cap
• 1 x Teflon tape
• 1 x O-ring lubricant (3/8 oz)
• 1 x Header strap (12 in.)
• 1 x Lag bolt (2 in.)

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