Enersol Solar Pool Heating (1'x10' Panel)

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The Enersol Solar Pool Heating System heats your pool in a simple, yet effective way.  Pool water is pumped by your existing pool pump to the Enersol Solar Pool Heating Panels, the sun’s ray’s heat the water in the panels and then the water is returned to your pool.

Instead of plastic absorbers, Enersol Solar Panels use a proprietary Solarprene® rubber which is completely resistant to pool chemicals and has proven durability against the intense UV rays of summer and harsh winters experienced in Canada.

This product includes a single 1ft wide Enersol solar pool heating panel.  The Enersol solar pool heating panel is the main component of your solar pool heating system but not the only component you will need to complete the installation.

In addition to the Enersol Solar Pool Heating Panels, you will also require 1pc of the Enersol System Installation Kit (UPP-ESOL-SYSKT) per array, PVC plumbing components and a manual or automatic 3-way valve.  Please refer to the panel instructions for full installation details and materials.  In order to size your system correctly please review the Enersol Solar Pool Heating System Sizing Guide.

Each box includes roof mounting and assembly hardware as listed:
• 1pc - 1ft wide solar panel
• 1pc - header strap (12 in.)
• 1pc - panel strap (48in.)
• 3pcs - lag bolts
• 2pcs - header clips
• 2pcs - o-rings

Enersol Solar panels have been manufactured in Canada for over 35 years.  If you require assistance in sizing your Enersol Solar Pool Heating system please contact us!

      Box dimensions - 9" x 9" x 14"
      Dimensions - 1' x 10' panel
      Plumbing - 1.5"
      Warranty - 18 year limited (5 years full)
      Pool type - all

      Sizing Guide | Manual